My Process


Phase 1 | Pre production

Preparation is everything. Step one involves choosing the right song, getting clarity around who your audience is and your release strategy, making sure the bare-bones arrangement is perfect, and agreeing on the creative direction before we dive in. I will also advise you on things you can do to start creating buzz for your release before we even press a button.

Phase 2 | song creation

We leave no stone unturned. We’ll create the best fully-produced arrangement that serves the song and your artistry. This includes instrumental tracking, producing, mixing, and mastering. If you’re in Brooklyn then it will include recording too. If you are anywhere else in the world, we will connect you with an engineer to record your vocals and send them back to me. Fun, stress-free, and creative is how I like to keep things.

Phase 3 | ongoing support

As I mentioned on the home page, I don’t want to just send you on your way. I’m here to be your producer, your pal, and your confidant. When the song is done I want to help you prepare for the launch and keep a line of communication open in between projects so that you always feel like you have support and a clear path.

A la Carte | Saxophone

You may have come across this page because you are in need of well written, fully recorded saxophone parts for your song. Please feel out the project planner above. Flat rates start at $150 / song.


What People Say

Working with Eric has been such an awesome experience.  He is patient, deeply collaborative, and is genuinely interested in getting to the heart of an artist's essence to make sure each track maintains the artist's individuality, without sacrificing his own style.  Far from anyone I have ever worked with, I felt like my original ideas were honored and respected while being completely elevated by Eric's work. He understands (and is interested in) long term goals and project trajectory.  He is always positive and doesn't stop working until everyone is completely satisfied. (He is also literally always in a great mood- and when you're working for hours on end in a studio it's nice to do it with someone who is always jolly as f*ck!)  Upon completion of my first song with him, I knew I wanted to work with him again immediately. I would recommend Eric to any musician looking to get their music produced, and especially to new artists who are looking to have someone help them flesh out their "sound." - Emily Jackson