Eric Trudel

Indie Pop \ Electronic + Cinematic

Eric Trudel | New York | Producer / Instrumentalist

Eric Trudel | New York | Producer / Instrumentalist

The Jump Start For Modern Pop Artists

Hey, I’m Eric! When I’m not surfing, reading, or sipping margaritas… I’m producing kickass pop songs for artists like you. I’m based in Brooklyn (but work with folks all over the world) and for the past 15 years now I’ve been doing music professionally. I’ve got to play some cool festivals like Lollapalooza, tour the world, and produce some really cool singles. But, I’m not just here to talk about me. The reason I bring all of that up is because my goal with the artists I produce for is to instill in them the work ethic it takes to generate an income from their music, and the knowledge needed to get ahead. I want to help remove that “artist anxiety” you may have, help you create something you’re super proud of, and then advise you on how to get it out to the world.


Emily Jackson | Higher

“Emily Jackson has just released her positive and inspiring new single entitled “Higher”. Featuring uplifting flute and rising drums, this motivational track builds up its listener, literally elevating you ‘higher’ with every note. Jackson showcases her stunning vocal ability, with a tone delicate and soft yet also fierce and passionate.” -Earmilk Review

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